Water-colour baby scan 


Bespoke baby scan keepsake. Did you know original baby scans from the hospital react with sunlight? Over time your scan will fade - even tucked away in a memory box. These beautiful bespoke art prints are created using an anti-fade ink system. 



All I need is for you to send me a picture of your scan - I do not need the original scan picture. When taking a photo of your scan please avoid a reflection/glare. Send the photo to ivyoakdesign@gmail.com when you have completed your order - Include your order number in the baby scan email. 



We offer the option to personalise your baby scan print. We use the same water-colour background option that you've selected for your background in your font lettering. All text is hand lettered and you have four options to choose from. 

Turquoise Twilight

Font style number

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