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Hello!  I'm Jas and I'm the lead designer and owner of Ivy Oak Design. I graduated from University in 2014 with a BA Hons in Illustration. In 2018 I launched my own creative artwork company - Ivy Oak Design. Over the past four years we have gone from strength to strength. Our freelance clients include ASDA and Global Media as well as many incredible independent businesses. We have had the privilege of shipping our work to Ireland, New York, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia. 

Ivy Oak Design is a family run business based in Derbyshire. This design business began in a small terraced house at a dining room table. We have had our challenges. There was no start up budget. We had two young children to care for and limited support around us. Although we didn't start off with the ideal tools we did get to build our business of the back of hard work and clever resourcing. 

The foundations of Ivy Oak Design revolve around positive creativity and we want our goal for 2022 to be the promotion of creative confidence in children. We have a strong belief in the power of art therapy and we believe the narrative should be supporting children's mental well being. This definitely stems from our own children and seeing them grow up first hand into a world which is going to throw many emotional obstacles at them. 

We are incredibly excited about future opportunities coming to the brand. Our priority is to continue to support children through our art. We hope to work with dedicated organisations that share a similar ethos surrounding children's mental wellbeing. 

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